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Project Description

2006~|Returning to Scenery

Good things are not out of reach but usually hidden in the hustle and bustle. This series intuitively infuses the visual elements of abstraction into figurative works. It captures and presents the beauty of everyday scenery that surrounds us.

After years of exploration on abstract painting, I now pay more attention to the form and its style when coming back to figurative expression. The work process now echoes between the contrasting relationship of the positive and negative, blending the conceptual and visual elements of both Chinese and that of Western while making connection to my own poetic experience in order to create an ever more inspiring aesthetics. The goal is to provoke viewer’s aesthetic experience and inner resonance as well as to express a deeper meaning of its abstract spirit, and explore the lively coexistence of figurative and abstraction. To move the soul, it takes observation of nature and extraction of its hidden poetry. With peaceful yet rich grayscale tones and lively rhythm and its meticulously balanced composition, it brings forth a sense of moist and intriguing seclusion.