The entire nature is constantly in motion. Its essence is ambiguous, incomprehensible and inexhaustible!

Although my work is not directly correlated to reality but it never departs from people and people’s feelings. Nor does it departs from the core poetic theme. Instead, it is an abstraction formed by accumulation of thousands of years of Chinese’s reflection upon nature. This experience is in turn transformed into an abstract vocabulary accomplished through infusion of the traditional ink art essence. Regardless of the time and space we live in, man’s interest and pursue for the ultimate meaning is always necessary. I believe that returning to such poetics, connecting to the nature and exploration into eternal value will always remain as timeless subjects.


Born in Taipei, Taiwan. In 1971

2009 (DocFA)Auckland University, Auckland, New Zealand.

2018 Spiritual Mystery / IsFound Art Space / Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2017 The Rhythm of Space and Time / Industrial Technology Research Institute, Arts and Cultural Space / Hsinchu, Taiwan
2016 The Vibrating Universe & Divine Light – Wang Gon-Jer & Tai Chia-Jwu Duo-Solo / Artnutri Gallery / Miaoli, Taiwan
2016 The Barren of Tranquillity – Wang Gon-Jer & Wang Da-Ren Duo-Solo / House+Cafe since 1910 / Taoyuan
2014 Returning to Scenery – Fusion of Nature and Spirit / Dadun Cultural Centre / Taichung, Taiwan.
2014 Returning to Scenery – Fusion of Nature and Spirit / New Taipei City Arts and Culture Centre Art